We mainly cover the whole of London and the out skirts of London. we can do other areas but can't guarantee some services such as mobile patrol  


Why work with us? 

Because we are always updated in technology and in government changes in security standards, working with us will ensure that you have an experienced team at your side. Guiding and supporting you in your needs to make sure your site is as safe as possible. 


We offer security all over London, give us a call and we can visit your site to discuss how we can meet your needs in security. 

Working hours? 

Our team and manager are available all week 25/7 to make sure when in need we are there to make sure any emergency calls or services are available at your service.  


Our company makes sure we do our small part in protecting the environment. We recycle our equipment and always look for new ways to save paper. We use electronic cars to protect the environment and we wish we can invest in the future in more company cars to protects our planet. So we advise everyone to help do their small part in protecting the environment.