CCTV Equiipment

From thermal cameras to PTZ cameras and hidden cameras, we have a very vast range of quality products and brands. For businesses we have people counting and number plate recognition cameras to help keep track of their car parks and customer footfall monitoring. We can provide heat maps to show areas where most customers stay, line crossing and provide left luggage warnings. 

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  • With CCTV Monitoring a guard will monitor a home or business at the agreed hours and deter any unwanted visitors. Options to install a part-time speaker system or a permanent speaker system allow us to warn the intruder away, and in the case of break-ins our mobile patrol unit can drive to the location to solve the situation. 
  • Monthly subscriptions to make sure any future call outs and problems will be fixed and solved with no additional costs. A3 security will always carry out regular checks to ensure camera systems are working properly at no additional cost.  
  • Customers can pay for services in instalments to have the option of having high-quality equipment.

Some of the brands we use are listed below, please keep in mind that we can use other brands that our customer wants but these are the main ones we like to use. 


Some of the features we can use are listed below 

ANPR - Number plate recognition